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Solution Exchange is a United Nations common initiative that leverages the power and potential of managed Communities of Practice (CoPs) to effectively address development priorities and the MDGs; tapping into the knowledge, experience and energies of members for collective problem-solving.

Since first being introduced in India in 2005, Solution Exchange's proven methodology has benefited over 25,000 professionals from government, United Nations, NGOs, research and academic institutions, donors and the private sector, addressing over 1,100 wide-ranging policy, programme and implementation concerns. Currently eighteen Solution Exchange Communities of Practice are active in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, the Pacific, and Russia.

With Solution Exchange, development practitioners can attain better results for

  • Informed decision making - knowledge at your fingertips
  • Faster feedback on issues - speeding up plan-to-action
  • Building local capacities while reducing costs - better value for money
  • Enhanced development effectiveness

If you are interested in starting or participating in a Solution Exchange CoP, contact us for more information: coordinator at solutionexchange-un.net

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